Through the timeless interplay between earth, wind and water, stones are formed. From the Stone Age to the Modern Age, stones have been used by man to build structures. Stones have also been used for centuries as currency, as a way of trading, weighing and transacting.

For PlanCost Australia, our logo is a symbol of a stack of stones, refering to balance, harmony and an understanding of building, coupled with the significance of currency, economics and value for money.

This carefully balanced pile of stones is represented in our logo, and underpins all that we do.


As consultants in the construction industry, PlanCost Australia is an integral part of the huge machine that builds buildings in this country.
Along the way, we interact with thousands of people, as it is people who build these buildings that house our families, provide places of care for our sick, places of learning, worship and play.

So let us strive to make a positive impact on these buildings that we help build:

• to make them better, more efficient
• to reduce their impact on the environment
• to assist those working on these buildings with us
• to increase the positive impact that the buildings have on our lives

During that process, in all of the personal and professional interactions that bring a building to life, let us:

• Maintain the highest levels of integrity, honesty and reliability
• Be respected for who we are and for what we do
• Be respectful of our clients and co-workers
• Be fun to work with, and have fun in our work
• Be generous with our time and our support
So that when the buildings are completed, and others reflect on their experience with us, they think:
"That went well. I enjoyed working with them."


Our mission brings into focus our core values:
• Commitment - to our work, our workmates, our peers, and to ourselves
• Respect - to ourselves, to each other and to everyone we interact with; to the environment and the planet we live on
• Friendship - everyone we meet, everyone we work with, has the potential to be a friend
• Teamwork - that intangible force that makes us greater than the sum of ourselves
• Family - before everything, above everything, and because of everything, our families come first
• Work and work ethic - everything we do must be the best we can do
• Our work environment and location - our office is amongst gum trees and birds, where it's quiet enough to hear nature stirring. Celebrate this.
• Difference - when people say that we are different, let's make sure that it's a compliment

To our staff - Your Mission

As a quantity surveyor you need to do more than simply report on the outcomes of your arithmetic.

The success or failure of your role is not just measured by your ability to accurately calculate building rates or measure building areas; these are merely tools of your trade, like an architect's drawing board or a carpenter's hammer.

The true value of you as a quantity surveyor is in your ability to positively influence the design of a building and to work with the client and the design team to create a building that is more economical, minimises its effect on the environment and is better value for money.

Take time to reflect on the PlanCost mission, philosophy and values.

Do they sit comfortably with your own? If not, you might just be working for the wrong company.
But if they resonate with you, and this feels like the place for you to be, then use them to guide your decisions, and be inspired to make a positive difference.



rock balancing