What's with the rocks?

To further explain 'What's with the rocks?', our web designer Kim Percy, from Designscope, says:

Earth: One of the five elements of Chinese medicine. In astrology Earth represents one quarter of all signs. For centuries Earth has symbolized fertility, growth and inner personal strength.

Through the timeless interplay between earth, wind and water, stones are formed. From the dawn of human time, we have used stones to build structures, homes we live in, places of work, spaces of worship. Stones, rocks, earth are the foundation of our lives.

Today, the medium of earth is more relevant than ever in the building industry. As we all strive to create less impact and more harmony with our world. To transform a space into a building requires some manipulation of the earth around it. The symbol of a stack of stones refers to balance, harmony and an understanding of engineering.

Stones: Have been used for centuries as currency, as a way of trading, weighing and transaction. We draw on this reference for PlanCost as financial consultants. The number 3 is also symbolic as it refers to the triangle - a shape of balance and stability, the triangle has a solid base with its crown reaching to the heavens.

Rock or stone balancing is now considered part of the Environmental Sculpture movement.

1. ’Rock balancing... can also be a performance art, a spectacle, or a devotion, depending upon the interpretation by its audience. Essentially, it involves placing some combination of rock or stone in arrangements which require patience and sensitivity to generate, and which appear to be physically impossible while actually being only highly improbable.’

The PlanCost logo has enhanced the art of rock balancing by separating the stones! They appear to be levitating - mass floating in air, defying gravity. Through colour and form we understand them as heavy objects, yet the spacing makes them as light as a feather. Architecture is full of illusions - structures engineered to appear precarious yet we know that they are solid, stable, fixed.

The play on weight also speaks of a spiritual, even magical motif. Our desire to control nature has become a dance of the divine. We seek to define the world around us through our creations. By using aspects of the landscape as an art form we attempt to tap into the essence of nature and challenge the definition of art, structure and society.

A logo with a mix of refinement and charm, it steps away from the traditional into a holistic realm. It will challenge some, intrigue others and speak directly to our collective soul. The font is simple and modern, providing a solid ground for the stones above. The colour scheme is warm, comforting and engaging. This is a contemporary design with an ancient past. It touches us on a deep, intuitive level and will position PlanCost as the most creative thinkers within the quantity surveyor industry.

Kim Percy, Designscope

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