Value Management

PlanCost Australia offers facilitation services for Value Management reviews. In association with Pacific Treefrog Group, we have provided these services on a wide rage of projects including:

Kingston Calvary Redevelopment Project - $150M
Southern Health Technology Workshop - n/a
RMIT Graduate School of Business - $31m
Penola Pulp Mill - $1400m
The Alfred Centre - $80m
North Richmond Community Health Centre - $20m
Alfred Hospital ICU - $20m
Eastern Health Care, Box Hill Hospital - $15m
Warrnambool Hospital Master Plan - $150m
Royal Children’s Hospital Redevelopment Master Plan- $500m
Kingston Project and Caulfield General Medical Centre Project - $250m
Alfred Hospital Cardiac Ward Redevelopment - $12m
Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital Regional SSL Central Production Kitchen - $8m
Royal Children’s Hospital Kitchen - $7m
Royal Children’s Hospital Interim Works - $20m
Royal Children’s Hospital Cancer and Neurosciences Facility - $15m
The Alfred Centre - $40m
Monash Medical Centre Radiotherapy Services Redevelopment - $15m
Northern Hospital Stage 3 Development - $25m
Royal Melbourne Hospital Stage 3 Development - $20m
Natural Resources Environment at Bendigo, Ellinbank, Tatura, Horsham and Rutherglen - $25m